IT Space

Science Park offers a wider variety of purpose-built office space ideal for software development and IT-related companies. These comprise ready-built and fitted units with access panel flooring, with or without underfloor trunking for telecommunications and local area networking connections.

Singapore Science Park - The Rutherford Science Park I: Rutherford
4-storey multi-tenanted buildings with research units for lease. Ideal for IT and software companies. It adjoins Science Hub which houses a fitness centre, cafés, restaurant, swimming pool, tennis court, seminar rooms and auditorium.
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Singapore Science Park - Cintech I, II, III, IV Science Park I: CINTECH I, II ,III and IV
Multi-tenanted buildings. Fitted with ceiling lightings, air-conditioning and raised flooring. Ideal for IT and software companies. Food court and minimart are within close proximity.
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Singapore Science Park - Alpha Science Park II: Alpha
A part 3/part 4-storey building with info-tech/research/innovation units. Ideal for software development/IT set-ups and laboratory companies. Café, foodcourt, ATM available in the building.
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Singapore Science Park - Capricorn Science Park II: Capricorn
A 5-storey building with a basement car park. Ideal for IT type and dry/wet laboratory based research companies.
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Singapore Science Park - Galen Science Park II: Galen
6-storey twin-block building with info-tech/ research/innovation units. Ideal for life science companies/software development/ IT set-ups and other R&D companies. E-enabled and fully wired for Internet access.
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Singapore Science Park - Kendall Science Park II: Kendall
The latest offering at the Singapore Science Park, Kendall is a 6-storey research building with bare units ideal for R&D, wet laboratory to software development and IT set-ups. The unique architecture is bolstered with a vertical green screen made up of creeper plants for a natural touch while minimising heat penetration through the glass facade
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